Aw, thanks for that, Sue. ❤️ I swear, that show is just magic. You laugh, you cry, you fall in love with Ella (follow her on Instagram if you haven't already). And The Luminist is magic, too. I think we Americans make the mistake of equating the depth of our pain and grief with the depth of the love we had/have for those we lost. I noticed that with breakups in junior high (too young!) and high school, when groups of girls would console sobbing friends (and this would go on waaaay too long). Grown-ups continued that bad habit. We wear grief like a badge of honor, shutting out other emotions, getting angry at people who expect us to move on. I think that's because we (Americans) want to ignore and protect against "bad things" happening (we Nerf playgrounds, FFS), leaving us unprepared. But, as the Swedes will tell us, bad things are a part of life and we need to learn to accept and cope with them, even prepare for them. Then, embrace them and the emotions they bring when they inevitably occur. That's not focusing on the negative (as we wont not to do); that's understanding life. Your good work here shows people how to accept the unthinkable and carry on, discovering the gifts and joys and strength that come from being present in life. Thank you, Sue. And Connor and Kendall. Fika on me the next time you're in L.A. xo

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