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Wow I remember when you and I discussed the perils of elementary school. How much growing up. Thank you for sharing. Congrats - their accomplishments are their own and a bit of parenting and prayers.

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Sue.......You were very fortunate to have you and your children be able to share your grief together. Having the task of getting them through school and into college was a very positive endeavor to focus on. In my case, I have no children, my relatives are 2000 miles away in California, and close friends don't know what to say, so they don't bother saying anything.

It took me 58 years to find my sweet Joan. The 22 years we shared a deep love were precious. Losing her has been incredibly painful, a pain I have never felt before and one that is not going away. My 80 year old heart is truly broken.

I enjoy reading your blogs and congratulations on your success with your children.

Don Leedy,............West Chester, OH

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Such a beautiful post, Sue. Congratulations to all three of you on this triumph! I know I wrote about this here before, but being present and strong for my grandfather (my favorite person on the planet) while he was passing (which was the scariest/worst thing I could imagine, even at 22), changed me for the better. I think when you can be present in grief, as your three-piece band has been, you get the gifts of it. And there are gifts. The loss transmutes into a calming strength, and the love you had/have for the one who left grows even deeper, helping to mend the wounds more quickly when they inevitably tear open from time to time. The Luminist is a gift and beautiful guidance showing what's possible in that regard. Congratulations again. xo

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Sue......Thanks. I'll take a look at that site. There is also another one called www.griefshare.org.


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