Thank you so much for including me in such great company, Sue, including yours. I was blogging before blogs were called blogs (back when you had to know enough code to get by and FTP your posts to your website). I shared things there, not to lay myself bare but to remind folks they are not alone on this weird journey we share. And you have done a great job of that here, Sue. Just amazing. You are a connector and a conversation-starter, and that is a wonderful thing. Thank you. Of all the kind replies I received on that website way back when, one of the first emails I got and the one I remember most clearly said, "Who do you think you are to have a website like this?" It stung a little (that was a favorite phrase of my mother's), then I laughed. Who did I think I was? Well, a human with experiences, a mistake-maker, a lesson-learner, someone who likes to laugh and believes in the connection the written word creates. I'm so happy that man let you know what you do makes a difference. Remember that. xo

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Another great post Sue! I was going to include the surgeon general advisory on loneliness in my latest roundup but couldn't figure out how to write about it in a compelling way. You did that here!

Also thanks for the shoutout. That was very kind!

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What a pleasure it is to listen to this article voiceover in your own words Sue! It’s like really hearing you in real time at the present moment of our choosing. 😍

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