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To answer your question - and this is kind of corny, I admit - I go on Youtube and watch the scene from Any Given Sunday when Al Pacino gives a motivational speech to his football team. It gets me every time even though I know most of it by heart.

Also this was an excellent post! You are a great writer.

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Good luck, Sue! You'll be great! And I really do hope we will all soon learn that there is no strength without vulnerability, and how much strength it takes to be vulnerable. We can face what scares us and causes us pain. There are others willing to help. Like you. And, Difficult Run? Love it! xo

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Good luck with the WSJ video! It will be amazing!

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Wonderful to see it all coming together!

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Hello Friends. My name is Robin Cox

By understanding the source of my strength authentically, I live my life through intentional vulnerability.

My husband passed away 2 months ago after suffering from Young Onset Dementia & Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 42. This horrific illness stems from my husband serving our country & unknowingly being exposed to occupational & environmental military hazardous chemicals. Both my husband & I were thriving in our careers while raising 3 young children who were 6, 9 & 10. After informing all of our family members & close friends it wasn’t long before we suddenly found ourselves completely without a support system. Suddenly, we were hit by a tsunami with its rippling aftermath that drastically impacted every single aspect of our lives; financially, mentally, emotionally & socially.

As a newcomer, I am an African American female who experienced a decade seeking critical resources, support, services & quality healthcare. Astonishingly, I was ill prepared when faced with stigma & lack of awareness when seeking resources for my family’s survival, which left me dehumanized, demoralized & destabilized without a voice. Currently, I suffer from severe burnout & complex ptsd. As I make the attempts to move my life forward into “new beginnings”, I will solemnly swear to remain vulnerable, humble & transparent.

Still Standing

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