Your words, your voice, your feelings & your thoughts … everything so touchingly beautiful. I have often experienced a stormy surge of fear inside that one day I will forget things about my son. And then one day I found myself choosing REMEMBRANCE over fear of forgetting. And I feel his PRESENCE so preciously in my heart & mind.

I love your words -

“To remember the truth of someone is to forget the details.”

Many thanks

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This post reminded me my Russian grandfather would have us do the same egg “battle” at Passover! Thanks for the memory of a man who died too early in my life and I don’t think of often but had an important impact on me.

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What I always remember is the hug my grandfather gave me as he was dying, and the soft, "Oh," he whispered in my ear (he couldn't talk then). He knew losing him was my biggest fear. I loved him more than anything, and he was the only unconditional love I had in my family. While I was trying to be strong for me, once again, he was giving strength and protection to me. And he always gave the best hugs. Another wonderful post, Sue. Congratulations on everything. (And I love Tillie!) xo

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Thank you for sharing!

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